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The Village Church, over the past 10 years, has become a thriving multiethnic, socioeconomically diverse church in the city of Baltimore. We are a church that is seeing the good news of Jesus grow and spread across our community. In the lives of locals, transplants, and college students, we are seeing the nations reconciled to God and one another. To keep this growth and continue to see lives reconciled in our city, we are compelled and obligated to plant more churches so that the glory of God is unhindered in its spread through our city.

The Village will be launching a second church in the Station North Arts District of Baltimore on September 8th 2019. Guided by our vision to transform lives and communities and our mission of reconciliation with God and one another, we will continue to see God move in our city.

In the dense city context of Baltimore, church growth needs to happen through church planting. Our strategy is to continue to engage our city in the day to day lives of our members as they work and live in the city and to engage the city through church outreach. Each of us has so many people in our lives that God loves and wants to reach with His gospel, and there are so many in the city that do not have a Christian friend who can share the love of Jesus with them. As we spread across the city we are convinced that as Jesus transforms our lives He will transform our community.