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What does a fully functional lifestyle disciple of Jesus look like in the context of The Village community?

No Perfect People We come from all backgrounds, and the one thing that we have in common is that none of us are perfect. Regardless of your culture, your background, or your history, we are a community for you.
Gracious Truth We believe that Jesus embodied both grace and truth. Thus, we hold to an environment of forgiveness and affirmation while emphasizing the importance of correct doctrine based on Scripture.
United Diversity
We hold that unity and diversity are essential components of God’s plan for the church. Our church members are different in regard to our ethnicity or class, but the gospel unites us to be one – not so that our unique distinctions are erased but so that our distinctions point to the redemptive creativity of God.
Humble Presence Just as Jesus humbly took on flesh and dwelt among us in tangible ways, so we seek to be regularly and physically present in the lives of others, being mini-manifestations of Jesus to one another.
Growing in Christ We do not believe that simply becoming a Christian is the end goal, but rather, we want to press on toward Christian maturity as we seek to live in continual repentance and faith in order to trust God more.
Equipping for Mission The mission of the church is not taken on by a few professional individuals, but it is shared by the whole church. Therefore, we empower and equip everyone to proclaim the gospel through both words and action in all aspects of life.